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DRINK, is a head to toe personalized experience for its user. You can create the experience YOU want in each city you go to. With personalized suggeestions based on your profile, you will never again be in a city asking your self...”What is there to do?, where should we go? what places have the best happy hour?” Think of DRINK as your personal cocktail concierge! 

Our Story

We found ourselves traveling to different cities and always wondering what are the best bars that would fit our personal preferences. Problem was, every site that we looked at had suggestions based on the general public and not what our personal preferences were. So we started thinking, its 2017, why is finding a place to drink that we would actually enjoy such a task? The beginning of DRINK......

Our Mission

Our mission here at DRINK is to make everyones drink experience a personal one, where you can “DRINK, your city, your way”

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